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A Table Topic session on books and habit of reading

This submission has been made by TM Priyam from Chennai. A self professed avid reader – he took his club members on a ride to the reader’s neighborhood. Have a look.

If there is one unifying theme across a majority of the members in any Toastmasters club – it is the habit of reading and the love for books. At the risk of generalizing and to revisit a childhood science lesson, I would say “All readers may not be Toastmasters but all Toastmasters are readers” The choice of reading material may of course vary – some read our newsletters, some read books and definitely everybody reads the Pathways resources.

Today’s session is based on some simple topics on books and the habit of reading. Every Toastmaster gets 30 seconds to think before they begin speaking and once you start, the time limit is 1 to 2 minutes. Let’s begin. Who would like to volunteer?

1) If a book was written on your life, what would be the title and why?

2) A character from a novel you fell in love with.

3) Lines from a book that you loved the most.

4) Books or movies on books – your choice and why.

5) Do you really believe reading books makes you more matured?

6) A self-help book that actually helped you.

7) Physical book VS eBook, your choice and why?

Thank you TM Priyam for your submission. Simple topics on a relatable subject is always a great choice for an engaging Table Topic Session.

If you have some creative topics that you dished out to members of your club, let us know here.

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