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A Grammarian’s introduction with a FRIENDS reference

Here is a delightful script for the role of a Grammarian by TM Priyanshi from Mumbai. The entire script is humorous and will make you nostalgic. But what we liked the most was the apt word of the day. Have a look.

Role of Timer in Toastmasters
Role of Timer in Toastmasters

Hello fellow Toastmasters

I am your Grammarian for the day. Think of me like an improvised version of Ross from the popular sitcom FRIENDS. I will not just correct grammatical errors made during our meet today, but also applaud all the good phrases, words and literary devices you use while speaking. And I will definitely be much more suave than Ross while doing so.

As a grammarian, I will also give you the word of the day, which is “PIVOT”

Pivot means “to change directions or to change the way in which something is done”

Here are a couple of examples for your help.

Members of our club are pivoting towards Pathways from the earlier Competent Communicator manual.

To stay in touch with the current trends, the club is pivoting towards online meetings.

I request everyone to make maximum use of the word in your speeches today. I assure you I have Unagi – the complete state of awareness that will help me in keeping note of the usage. I will come back with my report when the General Evaluator calls me.

Thank you TM Priyanshi. It’s a script that many Toastmasters would relate to.

If you have such a creative script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more innovative scripts for the role of a Grammarian, you can find them in our website under the “Grammarain” tab.


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