Table Topic Master

Creative idea for a Table Topic Session

Wanna make your Table Topic Session more creative? Here is an interesting idea that is sure to bring out curiosity and smile in all your club members. Try it sometime.

Table Topic introduction speech

A very good morning to all the Toastmasters and guests. It’s time for the super exciting table topics round. Personally, I find this round to be one of the most enriching experiences of toastmasters, mainly because it encourages you to think on your feet. It prepares you in advance for that one day when you may be pushed on the stage suddenly with mike in your hand.

Today’s Table Topic Session is based on role plays. I have some very interesting roles carved out for you. And I am sure you will have a great time stepping into the shoes of these people.

Let’s begin. Who will volunteer?

Table Topic in Toastmasters.
Table Topic in Toastmasters

Creative Table Table Topics

1) It’s the alumni meet of your high school batch. After a two day get to gather filled with immense fun, music and laughter, it’s time to say good bye again. What would your speech be? You are the anchor. They are your batch mates.

2) Its 2024. India’s general elections are over and to everyone’s surprise, Rahul Gandhi won by a huge margin. As the outgoing PM Narendra Modi, what would your speech be? You are Narendra Modi. They are the citizens of the nation.

3) It’s the beginning of a new session at the school. All the students have gathered in the assembly hall, to be addressed by you, their principal. What would your speech be? You are the principal. They are the students.

4) Its a bad storm up in the air and your plane is experiencing extremely rough turbulence. With years of experience as a pilot, you are confident of a safe escape through the storm. On a microphone what would your speech be? You are the pilot. They are the scared passengers.

5) It’s the cricket world cup finals. The Indian team is into the final round and scheduled to play against the best team of the tournament. What would your speech be? You are the coach. They are the players.

6) It’s tough time for the economy. Your company is running into losses and needs to lay off half its staff. As the CEO, what would your speech be? You are the CEO. They are your staff.

7) It’s the inter school juniors basketball tournament. Your team of 10 year old kids has lost the final match. What would your speech be? You are the coach. They are the 10 year old kids.

Do you have some more ideas to add to this list? Cool, let us know.

For more information on how to do the role of a Table Topic Master, read here.


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