Table Topic Master

How to do the role of a Table Topic Master in Toastmasters

Table Topics is the most fun session in any Toastmasters meeting and is usually one of the first roles to be grabbed. Here is a step by step guide on performing your role as a Table Topic Master.

Before the meeting

1) Get in touch with the Toastmaster of the Day to know about the theme of the meeting.

2) Design at least 10 topics (more if participation in your club is high) keeping in mind the following –

a) Topics are related to the theme of the meeting set by the Toastmaster of the Day.

b) Topics are not extremely tough.

c) Topics are not too long to remember or understand.

d) Topics don’t involve knowledge or words that are technical and not privy to everyone.

e) Topics do not violate the “no reference to sex, politics and religion” golden rule.

RELATED : Here is an example to understand how Table Topics may be linked to the theme of the meeting.

On the day of the meeting

1) When invited by the Toastmaster of the Day, step up on the stage and give a 2 minute introduction explaining importance of Table Topics and inviting everyone to participate.

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2) Motivate club members as well as guests to raise their hands to volunteer.

3) Select club members for the initial 2 – 3 topics before inviting guests so that club members get a chance to speak and guests understand the rules of the session.

4) Repeat the topic twice to ensure it is clear.

5) Few clubs give 30 seconds to participants to think before they begin speaking. If your club follows this rule, make sure you say “You have 30 seconds to think” after repeating their topic twice.

6) One line of motivation or appreciation after each Table Topic Speaker is welcome.

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7) After you have exhausted your allotted time limit or there are no more members to participate, thank the audience for their time and hand over the stage to the Toastmaster of the day.

These are some of the basic guidelines for every Table Topic Master. All the best for your role.


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