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A Holi themed Table Topic Session

The Table Topic Master is the most enjoyable role in any Toastmaster meeting. It is also the most sought after role. No wonder, every time the VP Ed calls for volunteers, this is one of the first slots to fill.

A good Table Topic Master is one who designs the topics keeping in mind the theme of the meeting chosen by the TMOD. This will fetch you brownie points from the General Evaluator.

Here is a sample introduction and topics for the session based on the theme of Holi.

Good Morning Toastmasters. I am sure hope all of you had a fabulous Holi even though I can hardly see any color in your faces. Either you played a pretend Holi or there is an empty bottle of remover in everybody’s house.

Personally, Holi is the most confusing festival for me. Every year I vow not to play Holi ever in my life. This emotion comes out as I try hard not to peel off my skin while removing those stubborn colors my friends chose. And then, next year, as the songs of the festival begin playing in the street, as I see those beautiful heaps of colors everywhere, I give in. This time though it was different. Somebody’s birth, somebody’s death unfortunately and somebody’s marriage again unfortunately, all combined to make it a no Holi year finally.

Anyways, while I myself did not play Holi, I am sure I will relive part of it when all of you share your experiences today here on this stage in the Table Topic Session. As you all are aware, this session is about impromptu speaking. Any of you can choose to volunteer by raising your hands and I will give you a topic to speak on for 1 to 2 minutes. You will have thirty seconds to think before you begin speaking. So let’s start. Who will volunteer?

1) Your most crazy bhang experience.

2) A past Holi that you remember the most.

3) Funny Holi stories

4) We all have that one friend who doesn’t shy from doing the dirtiest things in Holi. Describe the activities of your dirtiest friend.

5) If you had a choice to join either a Holi party or a Tomatino Party, which would you choose?

6) Imagine an alien like Amir Khan from PK comes down to India on the day of Holi. How would you describe the festival of Holi to him?

7) If you were made the authority on Holi Celebration in India, name one aspect of the festival that you would like to change and one that you would like to add.

8)  Holi & Diwali – two of the biggest festivals in India are not Environment friendly. What’s your take on this?

9) Bollywood and Holi seem to have a big connection. Which movie/scene/song from Bollywood are your favourites.

10) Miss ABC here doesn’t play Holi. Convice her to play Holi

11) Could you be persuaded to play Holi? If your answer is no, how much money would you take to change your mind?

There you go. This is a sample introduction and some topics that I have given based on the theme of Holi. Customize your introduction based on the theme given by your TMOD.


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