An introduction speech for the Grammarain

When you are the Grammarian for your meeting, make sure you give a good introduction to your role. It will make your role a benchmark for others to measure up to.

Here is an example of a good introduction for the Grammarian’s role.

Hello fellow Toastmasters and welcome guests.

I am in charge of grammar for today’s session. Grammar I realized is a lot like the salt in our food. When salt is present in the perfect amount- it doesn’t make the food extra delicious. That is the job of the ingredients. Salt just makes the food taste as it should. But, if the same salt is absent or present in less quantity, the taste of the food is compromised.

It is the exact same with grammar. When grammar is perfect, it doesn’t make the speech extra good, that is the job of the content. But with improper grammar, everything is compromised.

So I will help you to understand if the salt in your speech today was perfect. I will note all the good use of English, great phrases, words idioms etc. as well as the not so good usage of English too and present my report at the end of the meeting.

As a grammarian, I am also supposed to give you the word of the day.

The word of the day is Colossal. It is an adjective and it means very huge or large. Examples are

Nirav Modi caused colossal loss to Punjab National Bank.

Priya Prakash amassed colossal instagram fans in just one day.

I hope you use the word of the day to the maximum. I will keep a count of the same.

Over to you the General Evaluator.

With such an introduction, you are sure to leave a mark in the minds of the members in your clubs.


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