Introduction of Grammarain’s role based on April Fool’s Day theme.

Whenever you take any role, be it the TAG role or the role of a General evaluator or Table Topic master, linking your introduction to the broader theme will fetch you immense praise from all club members.

Did you just say that’s tough?

Let me present you a smart introduction for the role of a Grammarian when the theme is April Fool’s Day. Check out below –

Good Morning Toastmasters and welcome guests.

Its April Fool’s day today and thinking about it got me to a certain train of thoughts. A victim on an April Fool’s day is a mere one day fool but a victim of “I know it all” mindset is a fool for life. I think all of us here would agree that learning is a lifelong process. In fact that’s the very reason we are in Toastmasters – to learn. You learn at the age of one and you learn at the age of one hundred too. Being the Grammarian gives me immense pleasure because I am one of your main agents for learning today. I will help you learn all the good usage of English as well as not so good usage of English in today’s session. I will also help you learn the correct pronunciations, grammar and interesting usage of words and phrases.

Apart from this, I will also give you a word for the day. And the word for the day is – GULLIBLE. It’s an adjective and it means “easily persuaded to believe something”. Examples using the word may be :

1) I was quite a gullible kid and believed my father when he said chocolate milk comes from chocolate colored cows.

2) An April fool’s day is a gullible person’s nightmare.

I hope all of you use this word to the maximum. I will keep a score and present my report at the end of the meeting.

Thank You.

Wasn’t that a smart way to connect the introduction of a Grammarian to the broader theme of the meeting? Also, did you notice that even the word of the day is linked to the theme. That’s a brilliant way to execute your role.

I am sure you are inspired to make your introductions relevant to the theme too.


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