Table Topic Master

How to appreciate Table Topic Speakers

As a Table Topic Master, you are like the host or anchor of the show. And one of the most important duties of the host is to make the participants feel positive and motivated. Just look at any host in a reality show or an anchor in a live show – they make sure they send out good vibes by saying positive words after every performance. This boosts the morale of the performer.

Appreciating Table Topic Speakers

Similarly, as a host, it is also your duty to send positive vibes after every Table Topic Speaker to boost their morale. Here are some examples to demonstrate how to do this effectively –

a) Thank You so much TM Name. That’s a line of thought that definitely never crossed my mind.

b) Wonderful TM Name. You have really put some new ideas into my brain. I had never looked at it this way.

c) Thank you TM Name. I must say I was so intrigued by your words that I never noticed the timer flashing red.

d) That was amazing TM Name. That was brilliant of you coming up with such structured thoughts in such a short amount of time. A big round of applause please.

e) I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s exactly the thoughts I have in my mind regarding this issue. Thank you so much.

f) It was a pleasure listening to your thoughts. You sure made some valid arguments in that short amount of time.

g) Thank you TM Name. That was indeed a delightful story you shared. I am sure you had a great time living those moments.

h) I must say your story reminded me of the time when I was in college. I have some wonderful memories of those times as well. Thank You.

i) Those were some great statistics you shared in your speech. I was impressed by the knowledge you displayed.

j) Wonderful TM Name. That was some real quick thinking on your part. You came up with a wonderful idea in such a short time.

As you can see, many of these compliments can be altered to suit the situation. In fact, we would encourage you to come up with some of your own compliments that suit the moment.

If you have a guest participating in Table Topics, you may alter your words to make them feel welcome. Have a look below.

a) That was superb Mr. Name. Despite being new to this game, you played that topic amazingly well. I am sure all our club members learnt something from you today as well.

b) Thank You so much Mrs. Name. Your ideas were perfectly structured into a great speech. I would love to see you in our club as a member.

c) That was brilliant Ms. Name. It didn’t seem like your first time doing a Table Topic. I would love to see you as a member in our club soon.

d) You played the topic wonderfully Mr. Name. That was a great story you shared. I would be glad to see you more often in our club.

There may be times when a new member or a guest fumble during a Table Topic or not speak well. Sometimes, people are barely able to utter a few words and leave the stage. It’s important to make them realize that it’s normal and motivate them to come again. Have a look at some ideas below.

a) It indeed takes great courage just to decide to step on this stage. With some practice am sure you will do great. Thank you TM Name.

b) I am happy you took the courage to participate. Let me tell you, when I was new, I never dared to participate in Table Topics for the first two months. I am sure you will do better soon. Thank you TM Name.

c) Thank you TM Name. I remember when it was my first time participating in Table Topics, I could barely speak for 30 seconds. I am sure with practice; you will do great next time.

d) Let me tell you that’s a situation almost all of us faced during our first time in Table Topics as well. The good news is with some practice, you will do great. Everyone present here is a testament to that.

e) Thank you Guest Name. Let me tell you all it takes is some practice and you will be able to present your ideas perfectly in no time. And let me tell you Toastmasters is an amazing opportunity to practice.

f) Thank You Guest Name. Many of us sitting here were once in that exact same spot. And the best part is with some practice, we have improved as well. Join us in Toastmasters and we will give you enough opportunities to practice and improve.

As mentioned earlier, these are just some sample thoughts to demonstrate how you can motivate the Table Topic speakers as a Table Topic Master. Based on your situation, you can come up with compliments that suit you better.


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