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Table topics on Time Travel

Time travel is an intriguing topic and one that always invites lots of interest. TM George from London realises this and has come up with some super interesting topics on the subject. Read his submission below.

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Role of Table Topic Master
Role of Table Topic Master

We have all seen it in science fiction, dreamt about it and wished for it during sleepless nights. Time Travel is one fantasy that has crossed every one’s mind at some point of time. I know I have wished for a ticket to this journey more than a few times. While time travel may not become a reality any time soon, it doesn’t hurt to talk about it and build some castles in the air while doing so. Today, I will give you ample opportunity to do so in our Table Topic session. So let’s begin. Who would like to volunteer?

  1. Of all the tech companies existing today, which company do you think could operate the best time travel portal?
  2. A mistake from your past you would like to rectify through time travel.
  3. Would you rather live in a world with time travel or a world without time travel?
  4. A moment from history you would like to time travel to.
  5. In a world with time travel, do you think courts would become redundant?
  6. Do you think time travel is just a science fiction or a future breakthrough?

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Thank you TM George for this submission.

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