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A Grammarian script with dark humor

Here is a humorous submission by TM Priyanka from Delhi for the role of Grammarian. TM Priyanka uses some harsh logic in a light hearted tone to explain the role. Take a look.

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Role of Grammarian
Role of Grammarian

Some people correct your grammar behind your back. They are cowards looking for some petty humor at your expense. Toastmasters on the other hand are courageous folks – not just because we can stand on a stage, hold a mike and give a talk but also because we correct your grammar to your face. This helps you learn and rectify your errors so that the coward ones don’t do it behind your back anymore. As the Grammarian today, I am that courageous person. I will appreciate all the good usage of language but more importantly correct any error in grammar or pronunciation.

As the Grammarian today, it is also my role to enrich your vocabulary by giving you a word of the day. And the word of the day for today is “kindle.”

It’s a verb and it means to set something on fire or to arouse or inspire.

Here are some examples of the word usage in sentences –

Toastmasters kindles the love for public speaking in you.

I hope everyone uses this word to the maximum in our meeting today. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

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Thank you so much TM Priyanka for this submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at

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