How to do the role of a Grammarian

Here is a step by step guide to performing your role as a Grammarian in your next Toastmasters meeting.

Role of a Grammarian in Toastmasters.
Role of a Grammarian in Toastmasters

Before the meeting begins –

1) The Grammarian is responsible for sharing the “Word of the Day”. This word must be used by the members during the course of the meeting so that it becomes a part of their vocabulary. When choosing the Word of the Day remember –

  • Choose a word that is related to the theme of the meeting as set by Toastmaster of the Day. For example – if the theme is “Pollution”, possible choices for Word of the Day can be “hazy”, or “vile”. A simple Google search like “words related to pollution” will give you some good results.
  • The Word of the day should not be too technical or tough to be used in normal communication. In the above example, “hazy” and “vile” are words that can be used in creative ways as well (hazy memories or vile intentions) while words like “combustion” or “greenhouse” are not ideal for normal communication even though they are related to the theme.

2) As a Grammarian, your duty is to note the good usage of English which includes usage of similes, metaphors, alliteration etc. A revision of the various figures of speech may be helpful to help you identify them during the session.

During the meeting –

1) Your job starts right from the moment the SAA assumes the stage. Things to note include –

  • Good words, idioms, figures of speech used and names of people who used them.
  • Improper usage of grammar and wrong pronunciation.
  • The number of times the Word of the Day was used and by whom.

2) When invited by the General Evaluator, step on the stage and introduce yourself, your role and the word of the day.

RELATED: Here is an interesting script that you may use to introduce your role as a Grammarian.

3) As the meeting proceeds, continue recording the good usage of English, improper usage and the Word of the Day usage.

4) Towards the end, when called upon by the General Evaluator, step up on stage to present your report. Here is a sample format for presenting Grammarian’s report.

“Hello again. Today’s session was a field day for a Grammarian. I found some great use of language.

TM A used words like “….” TM B used “…..” TM C used “….”

There is some scope for improvement as well. Someone said “….” It should have been “…..” Someone said “….” It should have been “….” The word “abc” was incorrectly pronounced as “acB”

The Word of the Day was used 4 times by TM A, B, C and D. That’s all from my side. Thank You.”

Please note – It is recommended that when presenting the good usage of English and the word of the day count, names of people be uttered to boost their morale. However, when presenting incorrect usage or wrong pronunciation, same must be avoided to prevent embarrassment.

5) After presenting your report, your job for the day is done.

Note – Here is a sample report format you may use for your role.


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