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A Table Topic Session on memorable days

We have no dearth of movie lovers in Toastmasters. TM Ankit from Mumbai is among them. TM Ankit describes one of his favourite movies here and his inspiration for this submission towards the role of Table Topic Master. Take a look to get an idea.

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Role of Table Topic Master

One of the most underrated movies I love is Bluffmaster. Abhishek Bachchan a con man is tricked into believing he has cancer with few days to live. To cheer him up, his pretend doctor Boman Irani makes him revisits the few memorable days he has in his long life – the day he had his first job, the day he kissed for the first time urging him to create as many memorable days in the rest of the life he has. I wish I could speak more about the movie but I have a table topic session to conduct. Let’s revisit the memorable days you have got in your life in this session. Who would like to volunteer?

  1. The first date you went on to.
  2. The day you remember being the happiest.
  3. A day in the future you are looking forward to.
  4. The first day in your job.
  5. A day you wish hadn’t happened.
  6. If you could relive one particular day, which day would it be?
  7. A day in Toastmasters that’s vivid in your memories.

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Thank you TM Ankit for this submission.

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