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A Table Topic session on theme of “Pets”

We think Marley is a pseudonym given that this table topic submission is on pets but we have no way to cross check. TM Marley has been really thoughtful in drafting the topics here though. The first four are for those who already own a pet while the next three are for the ones who don’t have any. Take a look.

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We already know the TMOD loves pets. The theme for this meeting and that moment when he shared the screen with his dog made it crystal clear. We also know many of our club members own pets. Sadly, I am not amongst them. If I did own a pet though, it would have to be something exotic. My logic is if I am going to do it, I should do it in royal style. But let’s get back to you – the club members. Let’s know your stories and logic in today’s table topic session on the subject. Who would like to volunteer first?

  1. What difference has your pet made to your life?
  2. How is a pet different from a human baby?
  3. Which story about your pet do you most often share?
  4. Is a pet more fun or more responsibility?
  5. Are you a dog person or cat a person?
  6. An on screen pet you wish you had.
  7. If you had a pet dragon, how would your life be?

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Thank you TM Marley for this submission.

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