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Table Topics on the theme of babies

This table topic idea is certainly one that many Toastmasters must be looking for. Thanks to TM Victor we now have it in our stock. Check out some amazing table topic ideas on the theme of babies.

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Role of Table Topic Master

Babies have a unique super power – cuteness. Sadly most of us lose them as we grow up into adults. If you have a baby in a photo, you could always post it on Instagram and be guaranteed to receive hundreds of likes and comments. It’s hardwired into our brains to smile, like and aww anything that has a baby on it. I hope that stays true for our table topics too today because it’s about them. So let’s begin with our first volunteer.   

  1. Babies are cuter or dumber?
  2. What are the stories that your parents tell about you as a baby?
  3. If you had to explain an 8 year old where do babies come from, what’s your lie?
  4. How are babies different from puppies?
  5. Babies in movies that stole your heart.
  6. A crying baby is the best birth control

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Thank you TM Victor for this submission.

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