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A Table Topic session on tech & gadgets

We are all surrounded by tech. And therefore this submission by TM Anthony from Newark is a perfect fit for an engaging table topic session. TM Anthony has drafted some really interesting topics on the theme of gadgets and technology that would get your club members speaking. Take a look at what he came up with below.

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Role of Table Topic Master
Role of Table Topic Master

I have a friend who is my go to person for all things tech. Every time I am out to buy a new gadget, he is the first person I call. It’s not that I am tech dumb but just that he is way more tech smarter than I am. And since tech investments are not light on wallet, I could obviously use some free help to avoid regrets. Today I am interested in knowing how high or low is your tech quotient. Let’s find out in today’s table topic session. All of you are welcome to participate to speak on some simple topics I have drafted for 1 to 2 minutes and you get 30 seconds to think. Let’s begin.

  1. Would you call yourself tech friendly or technically challenged?
  2. A piece of tech other than mobile that is absolutely vital to you.
  3. What’s the most outdated gadget that you own?
  4. As a kid, what gadgets did you fancy the most?
  5. A new tech product that you wish they invent soon.
  6. How well did your parents adapt to all the new age tech?
  7. Is tech making us all dumb?

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Thank you TM Anthony for this submission.

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