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A TMOD script on the theme of Airports

This submission is by TM Gaurav from Guwahai. TM Gaurav has shared a simple yet interesting TMOD script on the theme of Airports. Gaurav here describes the painfully obvious stuff about airports but with so much humour and novelty that it sounds fascinating. Read his idea below.

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Airports – that place where you are as terrified of flight cancellations as you are of Uber cancellations and one of them almost always cancels.  Airports are also the one place where you begin questioning a lot of things about yourselves – you see pretty airhostess and handsome pilots and question your looks, you see people reading books and question your intellect and worse you see important looking people travelling with just a briefcase and question your entire existence. Having said that, I love airports. I think they represent epitome of human achievements – machines made of steel and aluminum that fly and almost magically take you to places thousands of miles away in a matter of hours. That’s as close to teleportation as most of us would ever be in our lifetimes. And while the planes are indeed an engineering marvel, but have you ever noticed that even simplest of devices appear fascinating in airports – think about walkie talkies, conveyer belts, vending machines, elevators that don’t even elevate you, just move you at the same level to your destined gate no. Airports are indeed magical place that may look like a maze to a first time traveler. Before you start feeling the same way about our Toastmasters meeting, let me help you understand how a Toastmasters meeting happens.

Every Toastmasters meeting is divided into three parts. The first part is the prepared speech section where members prepare a speech in advance, get it mentored and deliver the same. The second part is the impromptu session where anyone including the guest can participate. And the third part is the most important evaluation session where we will all learn how to improve ourselves. Let me now invite the General Evaluator to explain his role. Please help me welcome TM Name with a big round of applause.

Once the General Evaluator has explained his role, start the prepared speech section. After this session, continue with the theme as under.

If you think airports are only about flying, you would be sorely mistaken. World over airports are increasingly being designed in such a way so as to prompt travelers to spend more money. Think about this – You are first asked to arrive at airport one to two hours early even though you have already done web check in. Once your hands are free of your luggage, you are thrust into a huge area with shops and restaurants selling overpriced products. In fact airports are finding newer ways to make you spend more and more. There are airports that have cinema halls, ice skating rinks and even a wedding chapel. In near future, airports would transform into some sort of aerotropolis featuring temporary living quarters and more spending opportunities for a nomadic workforce.

With that, it’s time now for the most exciting and fun session in a Toastmasters meeting. Please welcome with a big round of applause our Table Topic Master TM Name.

Once the table topic session is over, continue with the theme.

Use this time to engage the audience. Ask them about interesting airport experiences they would like to share or tell some of your own.

With that it’s time to start the final session of the meeting, the evaluation session. Let’s welcome the GE for the day TM Name.

Once the Evaluation session is over, conclude the theme as under.

While we are at airports, figuratively not literally, let me makes some recommendations to you on the subject. Watch the movie The Terminal. Based on actual events, it’s about a guy who lives in New York airport due to some unique circumstances. Take a flight to the Ladakh airport at Leh. Its surroundings are breath taking. Most importantly never trust Uber to return home from airport. They will always cancel on you.

It’s time now for awards.

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Thank you so much TM Gaurav for this submission.

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