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An ah counter script on being persuasive

TM Jack makes a strong argument here to convince people to work on their filler words. If you are someone who speaks English natively, his script may ring a bell in your mind. Take a look at his submission below.

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Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters
Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters

It’s understandable to have filler words in your speech when speaking in your second or third language. But when you speak in your first language and yet have a lot of filler words, people can assume you are not confident of what you are saying or worse you are lying. Both of these scenarios are not good for a public speaker – someone who is out there to persuade people to his thoughts. It is therefore a good idea to get rid of them. In Toastmasters, we help our members achieve this. Every session has an Ah Counter whose role is to keep a track of all such words used by the speakers during the meeting. As the Ah counter today, I will present this report towards the end so that you may work on eliminating them.

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Thank you so much TM Jack for this submission.

We here at mymeetingroles.com are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at hello@mymeetingroles.com

For more ideas to introduce yourself as the Ah Counter, click here.


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