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Fun table topics on domestic chores

This is one of the most unique and fun idea for table topics we have ever received. We loved the topics TM Maya has drafted and they are bound to make club members think and also reveal some secrets which don’t come up in usual conversation. We could label her topics as conversation starters and it would still be okay. Take a look at her submission below.

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How to do the role of Table Topic Master?
How to do the role of Table Topic Master

Managing your home – that’s an entire job in itself. And one of the toughest job. You are the boss, there is no pay and if you mess up, you have a messed up home. And when you are a cleanliness freak like me, your job just gets tougher. Because no matter how clean my kitchen is, I always find that extra task I have to take care of. Fellow club members, where do you stand, what do you think and how do you do it – let’s find out in today’s table topic session. All of you are welcome to participate and speak for 1 to 2 minutes on some fun topics I have about home management. Let’s begin.

  1. Mopping, laundry or doing the dishes – if you had to do one of the tasks for life, what would you pick?
  2. What’s trickier for you – making food or deciding the food to make?
  3. If you had to do all the tasks at home tomorrow, what would be the order in which you would do them?
  4. What are the thoughts in your mind when you are on a trip to the departmental store?
  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how messy is your wardrobe usually.
  6. A clean toilet VS a clean bedroom – what’s more critical to you?

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Thank you TM Maya for this submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at

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