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A GE script with a great anecdote

We are in love with this script for the role of General Evaluator by TM Mason from Miami. TM Mason has shared a beautiful childhood story and along the way described how Toastmasters philosophy is to help members teach members. Take a look at this submission.

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How to do the role of General Evaluator
How to do the role of General Evaluator

When I was in school, our math teacher had an amazing way of teaching us. He would often ask students who understood the lesson to teach it to those who didn’t. Since two students shared the same mental wavelength that a teacher and student didn’t, it would help bridge the gap a teacher couldn’t. In Toastmasters, we use this exact philosophy. That is why instead of having a star public speaker instruct us at all times, we have members from within ourselves who become mentors and evaluators. For today’s session I am that evaluator. I will appreciate all the good that happens in today’s session but more importantly help you learn public speaking as a fellow student. And to help me in this task, I have some other fellow students as well. Let me introduce them to you now.

Thank you so much TM Mason for this submission.

We here at are making a collection of scripts / introductions for all roles in Toastmasters. If you have such ideas or scripts that you have used in your club, let us know here or email us at

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