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A fun GE script from a movie buff

TM Benjamin from Toronto has displayed some amazing creativity in coming up with this wonderful script for the role of General Evaluator. It is fun, humorous and relatable. Take a look at what Benjamin has come up with.

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How to do the role of General Evaluator
How to do the role of General Evaluator

If you were in a movie, you would have it easy. Every time you fumbled or made a gaffe, the director would shout cut, make recommendations and give you another take immediately. Sadly, public speaking is a much dangerous job where you get just one take. In Toastmasters, we help you perfect that take by giving recommendations and opportunity for another take in the next meeting. As the General Evaluator today, I am the director giving you the recommendations and also appreciating your good takes. And I have a TAG crew to help me in my task. Let me introduce them to you now.

Thank you so much TM Benjamin for this submission.

We here at are making a collection of scripts / introductions for all roles in Toastmasters. If you have such ideas or scripts that you have used in your club, let us know here or email us at

For more ideas to introduce yourself as a General Evaluator, look here.


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