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Table Topics on “Dreams & Nightmares”

This is one of the most exciting submissions we have received for table topics in recent times. TM Angela from Miami has come up with some amazing topics on the theme of dreams and nightmares. That is one subject that always gets our storytelling juices flowing. Take a look at the topics she drafted below.

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How to do the role of Table Topic Master

We all see dreams, a lot of them. It’s just that we don’t remember them. Ever since the beginning of time, man has been trying to decode the meaning of dreams they see. Is there really any deep meanings attached to them? Who knows. But dreams are the perfect topic to host an intriguing talk. So let’s see what our members dream about in today’s table topic session. I have some simple topics and all of you including the guests are welcome to speak on them for 1 to 2 minutes. Let’s begin.

  1. Are you a lot of dreams person or dreamless sleep person?
  2. What types of dream do you usually see?
  3. Surprising people you have met in your dreams?
  4. What has been the worst nightmare you remember?
  5. If the movie Inception was a real concept, would it be cool or not cool?
  6. Has it ever happened that something you saw in your dreams actually happened?
  7. If you could appear in someone’s dream who would it be and how?

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Thank you TM Angela for this submission.

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