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A Grammarian script on winning arguments

This script for the role of Grammarian is as sassy as it can get. We absolutely loved the humour and boldness TM Ava from New York has infused in this introduction for the role. Take a look.

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Role of Grammarian
Role of Grammarian

It is said that if you can’t win an argument, correct their grammar instead. We here in Toastmasters help you in both these aspects – win the argument by being a fabulous speaker and not give the opportunity to your opposition to correct your grammar. To achieve this, we have a dedicated grammarian in every session. As the Grammarian today, my role is to appreciate the good usage of words, phrases, idioms etc. but more importantly rectify incorrect grammar or pronunciation. This will make sure nobody throws you off guard while you kick their ass through your arguments.

As the Grammarian today, it is also my role to enrich your vocabulary by giving you a word of the day. And the word of the day for today is “digress.”

It’s a verb and it means leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing.

Examples of sentences using the words are –

I have a tendency to digress during Table Topics.

It’s a political ploy to digress public attention from the fiasco at hand.

I hope everyone uses this word to the maximum in our meeting today. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

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Thank you so much TM Ava for this submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at

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