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A Grammarian script on not being unintentionally funny

TM Ava is back with a bang with another amazing script for the role of Grammarian. TM Ava here focuses on how grammatical errors can turn your speech into a humorous one unintentionally. Take a look at her submission below.

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Role of Grammarian
Role of Grammarian

It’s good idea to deliver a humorous speech. It sets the tone, warms up the audience and makes them like you – that’s if it’s intentionally done. However, unintentional humor may do more harm than good. It can ruin credibility and diverge attention from the message of your speech. And grammatical errors have a tendency to cause this. In Toastmasters we help you avoid such fiascos. Every session has a grammarian whose role is to appreciate the good usage of language but more importantly correct any errors in grammar or pronunciation.

As the Grammarian today, it is also my role to enrich your vocabulary by giving you a word of the day. And the word of the day for today is “fiasco.”

It’s a noun and it means a complete failure, especially a ludicrous or humiliating one.

I have already used the word in my introduction once but here are some more examples of the word usage –

Your silly plan may turn the entire event into a fiasco.

In Toastmasters there are no fiascos, only opportunities to learn.

I hope everyone uses this word to the maximum in our meeting today. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

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Thank you so much TM Ava for this submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at

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