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A Grammarian script for the big times

This submission is by TM Amelia from Washington. TM Amelia here asks the ultimate question to show how important Grammar can be for a public speaker. And it’s a great way to convince your audience about the same. Read her question and script below.

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Role of Grammarian
Role of Grammarian

Imagine you had to deliver the most important talk of your life – a TED talk or perhaps a start up pitch to investors or may be raise a Toast to an audience of all your extended family members who have been judging you since your childhood. Would you want to be up there on a magnificent stage in front of these significant people and deliver your message laced with grammatical gaffes? No right. You would want your audience to focus on your message, not silently correct your grammatical errors. In Toastmasters, we train our members to achieve this. Every session has a Grammarian whose role is to appreciate the great usage of words, phrases, idioms etc. but more importantly also correct any grammatical errors or pronunciation errors. As the Grammarian today, I will help you in this endeavor.

As the Grammarian today, it is also my role to enrich your vocabulary by giving you a word of the day. And the word of the day for today is “exhilarate.”

It’s a verb and it means to make lively and cheerful.

Examples of sentences using the words are –

I was equally exhilarated by my friend’s success.

The view from the top exhilarated the trekkers

I hope everyone uses this word to the maximum in our meeting today. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

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Thank you so much TM Amelia for this submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at

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