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A GE script from a corporator

Spend a lifetime in a corporate set up and it alters the way you see things. TM Soham form Mumbai is a prime example. Just read his submission for the role of General Evaluator to get a glimpse of this.

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Role of General Evaluator
Role of General Evaluator

General Evaluator is a fairly self descriptive role title, inspired from another fairly descriptive popular corporate role called General Manager. Both the roles are not responsible for anything in specific and yet everything in totality. So just like the General Manager, I will keep an eye on anything and everything that happens in the course of today’s meeting. But if you just had a sigh of relief, sit tight because I do have a team of specific evaluators, evaluators who will look at specific aspect of today’s meeting. Let me introduce this team to you now.  

Thank you so much TM Soham for this submission.

We here at are making a collection of scripts / introductions for all roles in Toastmasters. If you have such ideas or scripts that you have used in your club, let us know here or email us at

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