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An ah counter script with an analogy of weeds

Do you nurse a garden? If you do, you will immediately relate with this script for the role of Ah Counter by TM Priya from Mumbai. TM Priya here uses a great analogy to explain her role as an Ah Counter. Take a look.

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Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters
Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters

When we visit a garden, we appreciate the beautiful flowers in the garden. Nobody appreciates weeds mushrooming wildly. Filler words in our speeches are like those weeds – unappreciated and unwanted. And just like too many weeds kill the garden, too many of these filler words can kill the spirits of your speeches too. In Toastmasters we help our members get rid of them by appointing a dedicated ah counter in every meeting. As the Ah Counter today, I will keep a track of all such words uttered by our speakers. I will present this report towards the end of the meeting so that you can work on eliminating weeds from your speeches.

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Thank you so much TM Priya for this submission.

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