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A GE script focusing on skill mastering

We loved this script for the role of General Evaluator by TM Rohit from Mumbai. In just few words, TM Rohit has presented the bare simple philosophy behind learning any skill and also demonstrated the importance of a General Evaluator in this philosophy. Read his submission below.

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Role of General Evaluator
Role of General Evaluator

There is a simple strategy to learn any skill – practice, perform, repeat. Do it long enough and you can master any skill. There is one caveat though. There is no point repeating the same performance without improvising. It’s important to take a feedback after performing and before repeating. In Toastmasters, we schedule an evaluation session in every meeting for this very purpose. In this session, all speakers and role players are appreciated for anything good they did but more importantly given feedback so that they may improve as they repeat. And to help me in this task, I have a team of supplementary evaluators. Let me introduce this team to you.

Thank you so much TM Rohit for this submission.

We here at are making a collection of scripts / introductions for all roles in Toastmasters. If you have such ideas or scripts that you have used in your club, let us know here or email us at

For more ideas to introduce yourself as a General Evaluator, look here.


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