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Table topics on corruption

Here is a submission by TM Jack for some really interesting table topics on corruption. What we really liked about his selection of topics is that they are bold and rightly so for the topic. Take a look.

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Role of Table Topic Master
Role of Table Topic Master

Corruption is everywhere. Let’s admit it. The degree of corruption may vary but there is simply no denying its existence. So I would like to get some honest opinions from our club members about their opinion and experiences with various facets of corruption. And Table Topics are a great way to do so. It’s kinda like a rapid fire round where you have to answer really quickly and so people tend to answer what they really feel rather than a politically correct answer. So today please share some real opinions and not fabricated ones. Who would like to volunteer first?

  1. Do you think a 100% corruption free society is actually a good idea?
  2. All of us have given a bribe, either small or big. Tell us one of your encounters.
  3. If you were our city’s mayor, what would I have to give you for a big government contract?
  4. If a mayor grants a favour to his kid, do you think it is justified?
  5. The most outrageous corruption stories you have heard.
  6. Human are designed to be corrupt – agree or disagree.
  7. Do you think there is space for corruption in Toastmasters?

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Thank you TM Jack for this submission.

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