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A grammarian script with a comparison

TM Rohit from Mumbai likes to keep it short and straight to the point. And this submission for the role of a Grammarian hits the nail on both these counts. Take a read.

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Grammar is a lot like politeness. If they are good they cost you nothing but if they are bad, they can cost you a lot more than money. You risk reputation, opportunities and any second chances. That is why in Toastmasters, we encourage our members to perfect their grammar. To enable this, every session has a grammarian whose role is to appreciate the good usage of language but more importantly correct any wrong usage or pronunciations.

As the Grammarian today, I am also tasked with enriching your vocabulary by giving you the word of the day. And the word for today is “Amity”

It’s a noun and it means “Friendly relations”

An example of a sentence using the word is

“We live in amity with our neighbours”

I hope everyone uses this word to the maximum in our meeting today. I will be back with my report towards the end of the meeting.

Thank you so much TM Rohit for this submission.

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