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Table Topics on mobile addiction

TM Jack has curated some amazing topics on the theme of mobile addiction, topics that are intelligently designed and not just picked off the net. What do you think? Let us know.

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Role of Table Topic Master
Role of Table Topic Master

Let’s admit, we are all addicted to it. In a day of 24 hours, we probably use our mobile phone 3 to 4 hours. And while we are admitting things, let’s also admit that mobiles have made our lives insanely easy. At the tap of our fingers, we have literally the entire the world. That does not take away the fact that it is still an addiction. And it’s healthy to talk about addictions. So let’s talk about this in our table topic session. Anyone can volunteer to speak on some simple topics for 1 to 2 minutes. Let’s begin.

  1. On a scale of teetotaller to drunkard, how addicted are you to your mobile phone?
  2. Apps in your mobile phone that would make no sense to your wife.
  3. Life has become impossible without a mobile phone – agree or disagree.
  4. Do you think mobile phones have made our relationships more fragile or more durable?
  5. Bed, bathroom or dining table – one place that you think should be an absolute no mobile zone?
  6. What would it take to detach you from your mobile for an entire day?
  7. In a world with no mobile, how different would things be?

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Thank you TM Jack for this submission.

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