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An Ah counter script on poor signal

TM Amelia looks like a seasoned Ah Counter role taker in her club. She submitted a script for the role some time back and is back with another one. This one has a great analogy to go. Read her submission.

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Have you ever tried to listen to a radio with poor signal? Try may be an understatement because you really have to strain your concentration to understand what the radio station is exactly playing. After some time you realize there’s just too much noise and you stop listening to it altogether. That’s what filler words are like to your audience – too much noise. When you use words such as ah, umm, you know, like etc too frequently, your audience has to really strain their concentration to understand your message. And it’s only a matter of time before they stop listening altogether. Therefore, it is very important that we minimize the use of these words. As the Ah Counter today, I will help you in this endeavor. I will keep a track of all filler words used by our speakers today and present this report towards the end of the meeting so that you may know what’s creating the noise in your speeches.

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Thank you so much TM Amelia for this submission.

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