Club Officers

Tips for a new EC to run your club

Is your Executive Committee (EC) team about to begin a new term? If yes, than this may be a great time to set the right standards. You have merely six months to create your mark and setting the protocols a little late may be too late.

Here are some great ideas your EC team may implement at this juncture to run the club.

  • Show the way – It’s not too smart to expect your club members to give speeches or attend meetings when the EC members don’t do it first. Every EC member must go the extra mile to make sure they attend meetings, take up roles and complete their educational speeches. What they see is what the club members do.
  • Allocate club members to EC members – Yes the mentors should guide their mentees. But every once in a while, a message from the EC team can go a long way in prompting the club members to stay active. On an average, every club has 35 members. With a team of 7 EC members, each EC member has to take responsibility for just 4 members. Giving a call or sending a message to 4 members once a month to motivate them is not a herculean task. But the results can be definitely rewarding.
  • Incentivize participation – Gifting away a book or an educational toy like Rubik cube is a great way to incentivize participation. Find out the most active member in your club every month and reward them. A simple point strategy can help you measure this. (30 points for every long role / speech, 20 for short role / evaluation / table topics and 10 for just participation.) At the end of each month, ask the winning member a book title or a toy of their choice (within a certain budget of course) and give them away immediately.
  • Month end fun meet – A month end fun meet is a great way to infuse enthusiasm into club members. Give a creative theme like a popular movie (James Bond) or book (Harry Potter) or just give a twist to the Table Topic Session by organizing a debate, group discussions, skill share session etc.
  • Organize workshops – Online meetings during the pandemic led to one positive outcome – online workshops. This can enable your club to organize a workshop with the best Toastmasters, no matter where they are. Use this opportunity to design interesting workshops like “the art of storytelling”, “evaluate to motivate”, “mastering the impromptu talk” etc.

Like these ideas? Do let us know. Any suggestions to improvise upon them are welcome as well.


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