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A General Evaluator script for online meetings

TM Rahul from Mumbai has accepted the reality – that Toastmasters meeting may happen online for some more time now. Rahul has drafted this script for the role of General Evaluator with this realization. Read his submission below.

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Role of General Evaluator
Role of General Evaluator

There was a time when we all gathered in a physical venue and delivered our speeches in front of an actual crowd. That’s what public speaking meant. Evaluations accordingly helped you perfect your delivery in an offline public speaking event. Times are changing though. We have been meeting over zoom for a long time now. It’s not just Toastmasters but several other events are happening over Zoom as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the next time you are expected to speak to public; it may happen over a similar digital platform. It therefore makes sense that we stay in touch with the times and perfect our delivery over online platforms. As the General Evaluator today, that’s my target – to help you perfect your public speaking over digital platforms. Helping me in this task is my TAG team. Let me introduce this team to you now.

Thank you so much TM Rahul for this submission.

We here at are making a collection of scripts / introductions for all roles in Toastmasters. If you have such ideas or scripts that you have used in your club, let us know here or email us at

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