Cheat sheet for Toastmaster of the Day

Any new member taking up the role of the Toastmaster of the Day for the first time has a lot of queries. New members often feel confused about the order in which different role players should be called, the length of their filler material on the theme and about the entire meeting in general.

To combat this, Toastmasters has assigned every member a mentor whose role is to guide their mentees. In spite of this, it’s common to see new members drowning in chaos and confusion.

To simplify this, we have created an easy to follow format in a PDF file with all the transitions for different segments pre-filled. We have also mentioned approximate word limits for the filler material in different phases. All you have to do is fill in the text for your filler material relating to the theme.

This should make it easy for any new member to take up the role without fear or confusion.

Here’s the PDF file for you. We call it the TMOD Cheat Sheet. Go ahead. Download it now. It’s free.


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