Ah Counter

An Ah counter script on dual challenge

Here is a smart script on the role of Ah counter from our stable. This submission is by one of the team members at my meeting roles.com. Let us know what you think.

Every role in Toastmasters serves a dual purpose – it involves a challenge for the role taker while helping every member of the club sharpen one aspect of their public speaking skill. Today as the Ah counter, my challenge is to test my listening skills. At the same time I will also help you learn about the fillers words you use in your speeches such as like, umm, err, you know etc. so that you may work on eliminating them. I will come back with your report towards the end of the meeting. As for me, perhaps the GE may let me know how did I do on my challenge in his report. Back to you the GE.

For more scripts on Ah counter or any other role, select the relevant tab on top.


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