Club Officers

How to make Minutes of meeting interesting?

Minutes of the meeting are boring – let’s admit it. The EC team hardly ever reads it, let alone the club members. As the Secretary of the club this can be disheartening. So how do you resolve it?

Here are some tips to make the Minutes of Meetings more tempting to read.

  • Make visual MOMs. The internet is brimming with free tools that let you make beautiful visuals at no cost. In fact, these tools are so accommodating that the visuals can also be tailor made to the theme of the meeting. The advantage of making visual MOMs is that when uploaded over club WhatsApp / Telegram group, the inherent temptation to download images takes over. Once downloaded, its guaranteed club members will have a look and may read as well.
  • Include meeting photographs in the minutes. Take photographs of role players and a group photo. Attach them in the minutes. Let members know that some beautiful photos are attached in the minutes.
  • Include Youtube links to the prepared speech videos in the minutes. This will also make friends and relatives of prepared speakers have a look at the minute of the meetings. This may tempt them to drop in as a guest sometime as well.
  • When uploading MOMs, back it up with intriguing snippets.  “TM John slipped into a manhole in childhood and then he slipped again in the same hole two more times – read his story and more from last meeting in the minutes”
  • Minutes may also be uploaded in the form of simple text message in the Whatsapp / Telegram group. This dramatically increases the likelihood that club members will read them as compared to a PDF file that needs downloading. Additionally, the minutes may be saved in a MS word file for internal record purpose.

What strategies do you use in your club to make the minutes of the meeting more interesting? Do let us know and we will add them to the list.

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