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Outside the box social media post ideas for club page

In our last post we learnt how to keep your club’s page active on social media. We listed post ideas related to club activities and club members that should find mention in your club’s social media handles.

However, there is more to Toastmasters than just the members obviously. Toastmasters is after all an educational platform to learn public speaking and develop communication skills. These two objectives offer incredibly lucrative social media posting opportunities. Moreover, they are also lucrative to potential club members who are interested in public speaking

So how do you make the most of this? Here are some out of the box social media posting ideas that your club may explore.

  1. Follow the Facebook page of Toastmasters International. TI regularly posts interesting creatives on public speaking that are informative and intriguing. All you have to do is share their post on you page. A seconds worth of efforts to ignite genuine interest among your page followers.
  • Sharing small one minute videos of popular public speakers like Toni Robbins and Robin Sharma can be immensely rewarding. They are celebrities in their own right with huge fan following. Watching their videos can motivate viewers to develop their public speaking skill and your club gives them the platform to do so.
  • Club members can create videos of themselves boasting about the benefits they reaped from Toastmasters which can be circulated over social media.
  • Powerful scenes from movies like Wolf of Wall Street or Any Given Sunday is another great way to get your audience spend few valuable minutes on your page and perhaps reach out to you as well.
  • Local newspapers, magazines can also give the club good visibility and so can local Facebook pages that have good fan following. It’s relatively easy to find connections in these pages and get them to make a few posts for your club.

Have you got any wild idea that perhaps we missed? Let us know and we will add to this list.


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