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Social Media routine for the VP PR

As the VP Public Relations, your one main job is to keep the club’s page visible on social media. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is your major job, the lion’s share of your job if you will.

VP PR is responsible to spread the word about the club to get more guests and promote achievement of its members to boost their spirits. Social media happens to be the easiest and most important tool to achieve both of these.

Social Media strategy for your Toastmasters Club
Social media strategy for your Toastmasters Club

Therefore, as a good VP PR, your motto should be to ensure at least one post on social media every day. And while this may sound daunting, it actually isn’t if you plan it well. To prove this, let me share how our club achieved this.

This was our “Social Media Post Routine” for every week –

Day 1 – Post the photographs of the last meet. During online meet, we would take at least 20 screenshots of various role players plus a gallery view of all participants and post them in beautiful frames.

Day 2 – Post the link for the first prepared speech of the meet already uploaded on YouTube.

Day 3 – Post the link for the second prepared speech of the meet already uploaded on YouTube. (We had two prepared speeches every meeting)

Day 4 – Post the Minutes of the meet. Our club secretary made visual MOMs that were absolutely gorgeous and perfect for social media

Day 5 – Post the creative for the upcoming meet.

Day 6 – Post the creative with the word of the day, its meaning, part of speech and usage.

Day 7 – Post a reminder for the meet with a caption from the TMOD and a tempting insight into the theme of the meeting.

(If you see, it isn’t that hard to keep it up with the continuous posting. Most of these posts are based on a template that needs little editing and is ready to be posted again)

Apart from this routine, we also kept space for post about other vital details like – 1) Posts welcoming new members, 2) Post to announce Level/Path completion of club members and 3) Post to announce DCP goals of the club.

So there you go – that’s a full proof plan to keep your social media page as vibrant and buzzing as a busy bee. With a page that active, your club would never be short of attention, guests and popularity.

Do you have more ideas for creative post that your club releases? Let us know so that we may add them too.


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