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Table Topic on subject of success

We couldn’t believe it took our fellow Toastmasters so long to send us some table topic questions on one of the most common topic – success. Thankfully TM Ankit from Kolkata finally did the honor. Read his submission for Table Topics on the subject of success below.

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Success is one word that has wildly different meaning to different people. The funny thing is if you ask them to express their understanding of success out loud, most of them would answer in one word – happiness. Personally speaking, I think it’s fair to say that while happiness is definitely paramount, it doesn’t hurt to have a little money as well. In fact, it’s vital to ensure you are not hurt. What do our club members feel? Let’s hear them out in our Table Topic Session today. Any of you can volunteer to speak on some simple topics for 1 to 2 minutes. Let’s begin.

  1. Is success to you a final destination or a moving goal post?
  2. A person you identify as successful.
  3. Is it really wrong to call financial accomplishment a success?
  4. Happiness is the ultimate success
  5. The best revenge is massive success
  6. Success is a lousy teacher
  7. When would you consider yourself successful?

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Thank you TM Ankit for this submission.

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