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Table Topic on FRIENDS series

TM Divya from Mumbai is a self confessed FRIENDS fan. And she is not alone. We here at are big time fans as well. So we wasted no time in posting this Table Topic session on the series. Read her submission below.

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Role of Table Topic Master

I am an absolute FRIENDS fan. I have seen every episode of the series at least 5 times and that’s apart from watching short clips on YouTube every now and then. You can imagine my dedication to the series by the fact that the only video suggestion I receive on YouTube and Facebook are those from the FRIENDS series. And clearly, am not alone. I am sure we have a lot of FRIENDS fans in our audience as well. So today, am going to be a little partial. All topics are framed around the series and it’s therefore vital that you have seen it to take part. Let’s see how many of you are eligible. Raise your hands if you have seen the series.

  1. Imagine an alternate scenario where Joey and Monica end up together.
  2. How do you think Joey pays back Chandler for rent, food and everything?
  3. We know how every other character joined the group except Phoebe. What do you think?
  4. Ross divorced thrice. Do you think it was his fault?
  5. Who do you side with in the “we were on a break” thing – Ross or Rachel?
  6. Clearly Joey was a terrible actor. Imagine an alternate profession for Joey.
  7. Finally, tell us a plot for the reunion episode.

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Thank you TM Divya for this submission.

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