Hacks to find your next TMOD theme

Do you have a tough time finding a good TMOD theme? In an earlier article, we shared one secret of solving this dilemma permanently for all your future themes. Find it here.

If you have exhausted this idea, we have listed some more hacks to find your next theme as the Toastmaster of the Day without breaking a sweat. Read on.

  • This day in history – Our world is an eventful place. At any particular day, it has witnessed scores of fascinating events. And the Wikipedia has a page on every day of the calendar listing all the fascinating events that happened on the day. Going down the memory lane to dig up and know more about a historic event makes for a great theme. For example, on this day that is 14th of January, the third battle of Panipat was fought in India, an event of great importance in Indian history. If you wish for a rather fun theme, Marlyn Monroe was also married on this day and she is a rather interesting person.
  • Birth date or Death anniversaries of famous people – The world has been inhabited by billions of people and a lot of them managed to get popular. No wonder, each day happens to be the birth date or death anniversaries of dozens of them. A TMOD theme narrating the life of these people makes for a great experience. For example, January 14th is the birth date of Mark Antony and death anniversary of Ray Croc.
  • Celebrations and festivals – January 14th is World Logic Day. And just like this day, every day is celebrated as some day. Some of these days are outright funny like Towel day (May 25th), April fool’s Day (1st April) and Pajama Day (April 16th) A TMOD theme on such days can give you some hilarious content.
  • Recent book you read – Lets admit it – Toastmasters are big on reading. A TMOD theme on a recent book you read can make for a great session. The benefit of following this strategy is that you have more than sufficient material for your theme. All you have to do is choose which one to share. As a sample, check out this theme.
  • A prevailing news trend – Right now, Elon Musk and Tesla is all the rage. His rise to the number one spot on the world rich list is talked about and written on everywhere. That guarantees you sufficient content and more importantly great audience interest in that content. Look for prevailing new trends and you can find your next theme hidden in plain sight.
  • A hidden talent / hobby – Most people have a talent or hobby not widely known among fellow club members. If you have one, flaunt it in your next TMOD session.

Did you find your next theme here? Be generous and share with us your script. We will post your photo with the blog to make you popular. As a bonus, we will also let you know how popular your theme turned out to be, how many people read it, from which cities and countries as well as comments received.

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