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An Ah Counter script that hits the bullseye

TM John from London appears to be a seasoned Ah Counter in his club. No wonder this is the second submission for the role we received from him in a week. This script is so well crafted that you will steal the show as the TAG role player in your club meeting. Have a look.

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Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters
Role of Ah Counter in Toastmasters

We have all day dreamt about giving an interview for our dream jobs. Or spent sleepless nights imagining ourselves professing our love to the girl of our dreams. When you do so, do you see yourself saying “I am err the guy”? Most likely not. We view ourselves wearing our confident suits and being our fluent self.

Not so in real life. With a pinch of salt, let us all admit that unlike in our dreams, in our real lives, all of us use filler words like ah, umm, err, you know etc. that make us sound less confident and not at all fluent.

That is what makes Ah counter so important. Ah counter helps you become the fluent person you dream about.  As the Ah Counter today, I will keep a track of all the filler words you use in your speeches today and present my report towards the end so that you may work on transforming yourself into the man of your dreams.

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Thank you so much TM John for this submission.

We here at mymeetingroles.com are creating a pool of scripts / ideas for various roles in Toastmasters. If you have any ideas, please share with us here or email us at hello@mymeetingroles.com

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