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A Table Topic Session on the theme of Christmas

We may be a little late here in giving you this much needed idea of a Table Topic Session designed around the theme of Christmas but blame it all on TM Alexa. We received her submission just yesterday. We did the best we could by helping her jump the queue and get it posted immediately.

Well as they say “Better late than never.” Read her submission below.

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Role of Table Topic Master
Role of Table Topic Master

The TMOD made the obvious choice – a “Merry Christmas” theme for our meeting today and frankly, he is right. No other theme could be as apt for this day this season. And this idea is relevant to my session as well – the Table Topic Session. Today’s topics are therefore designed around the theme of the day and any of you can speak on a topic given by me for 1 to 2 minutes. Let’s begin.

1) When did you realize Santa is not really coming?

2) If Santa really came with a clause, what do you think that clause would be?

3) What does Christmas mean to you?

4) As a child, what did your wish list for Santa look like?

5) Which film do you think captures the essence of Christmas the best possible way and why?

6) If ChristMust give us something this holiday, what should it be?

7) Would you rather have three feet of snow for Christmas, or no snow at all?

8) What is something you could do to help someone in Christmas?

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Thank you so much TM Alexa for this apt submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts and introductions that can serve as an inspiration to anyone in need. If you have an idea for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here or just email us at

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P.S. – TM Dianne Cox really loved this table topic idea and suggested us another topic to add to the list. The last one in this list is all her brains. Thanks Dianne.


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