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A hilarious TMOD theme titled “Audio – Check. Video – Check. Pants?”

There is nothing more compelling than content that syncs with the prevailing situations. And right now, online meetings are the prevailing situations. TM James from New York has drafted a hilarious TMOD theme on a related subject – pants in online meetings. This is sure to set your audience into a laughter train wanting for more. Check out his submission below.

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AUDIO – Check. VIDEO – Check. PANTS?

Imagine you are the first evaluator in the Speech Evaluation Contest. The Contest Chair invites you to take the spotlight and then performs the mandatory routine. Audio – Check. Video – Check. Pants? Will you be taken by surprise? Is there a small yet frightening chance that you might just not be wearing pants underneath? It wouldn’t lower your chances of winning the contest because there are no points for pants but it may just lower your confidence.

Until now, it was only the news anchor who we suspected of not wearing pants down below that giant desk in front of them hiding their modesty. Bu with meetings all over the globe going online; in fact hundreds of them being hosted every day by just Toastmasters, there is an obvious “no pants under the lens” trend going on all over the world albeit secretly. I mean, right now, I may be fashioning this trend below this beautiful printed shirt. Will you know about it? Well you wouldn’t because I know the General Evaluators checklist doesn’t include “Check if TMOD is wearing pants”. A word of warning though. Today I will be checking if all our speakers are wearing pants. So if you haven’t, you may want to put some of those while I explain the format of our Toastmasters meeting for the benefit of our guests.

Every Toastmasters meeting is divided into three parts. The first part is the Prepared Speech section where our members prepare a 5 to 7 minute speech in advance, get it mentored and deliver the same. The second part is the fun and exciting Table Topic Session where anyone can speak for 1 to 2 minutes on a topic given by our Table Topic Master. And the last part is the evaluation session where our General Evaluator will give a comprehensive report on the entire meeting. Let me invite our General Evaluator for the day TM Name.

Once the GE is done explaining his role, invite the Prepared Speakers. After this session, continue with the theme as under.

Not wearing pants has its own advantage though and not small ones. Can you imagine the amount of savings all of us will make in a world were pants turned extinct. You wouldn’t need to match your shirt with anything other than your face. That saves you those crucial minutes we spend in creating the right contrast between the upper half and low half of your own body. Needless to say, when you are not wearing pants, you would stop buying them as well. And not buying things is a fantastic way to save money. Trust me I learnt this through personal experience of not buying gym memberships. But most importantly, it saves you space in your wardrobe of which we are all forever short of. 

On that note, it’s time for the second session of our meeting the Table Topic Session. Please help me welcome the Table Topic Master of the day, TM Name.

Once the Table Topic Session is over, continue with the theme as under.

While we are at it, let me give you some tips on how to ace the “no pants under the lens” trend. Ensure there are no mirrors on the wall behind you because mirrors as you know are terrible secret keepers. It’s better if you don’t have kids in your house or if you do, make sure your room is locked. Kids have a tendency to embarrass you in front of others and not wearing pants is an open invitation to do so. But most importantly, make sure you never volunteer for any fun activity the TMOD or the TT master plans. They may involve fetching things not on your desk or simply standing up.

It’s time now for the third session of the day. Please help me welcome the General Evaluator TM Name.

Once the evaluation session is over, conclude the theme by using audience engagement. Ask audience members their take on the subject and if they would like to sport the “no pants under the lens” trend.

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Thank you so much TM James for this absolutely delightful submission.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts and introductions that can serve as an inspiration to anyone in need. If you have an idea for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here or email us at

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