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A fun Table Topic Game called “The Switcheroo”

Table Topic is the most fun session in a Toastmasters meeting and also one that allows you to be creative. From time to time, it makes sense to shake things here that breaks the monotony.

TM Olivia from New York sent us this wonderful idea for a Table Topic Session, with a specific comment about the meeting when she hosted it – “Mid way during every table topic when I uttered switch, audience would erupt in laughter at the sudden change of speaker’s tone and expressions.” It’s apparent the members had a great time witnessing and participating in the session.

Can you replicate it in your club? Have a look.

Table Topic Session in Toastmasters
Table Topic Session in Toastmasters

RULES OF THE GAME: You may want to take note of the following.

1) Every speaker has to speak on both the sides of the topic.

2) The Table Topic Master should also keep a strict watch on the clock and immediately say “switch” when one minute is up.

3) It makes sense to have a word with the timer in advance and synchronize the moment when you utter switch and the timer flashes the green card. It ensures the table topic speaker is not taken by surprise.

4) You may change the topics but make sure the new ones follow an identical pattern.

Change is the only constant. So today I have made a small change in the Table Topics Format to increase the fun and humor and quotient of our meeting. Every topic has been designed such that it has two sides to it – for and against or good and bad. You still have two minutes to speak on the topic but during the first minute you pick one side of the topic and speak about it. At the end of one minute, I the Table Topic Master would say switch and you have to begin speaking on the other side of the topic. I like to call this game “The Switcheroo.”

The Timer would perform his role as usual flashing the green card at 1 minute, yellow at 1.5 and red at 2 minutes. Does anybody have any questions?

Let’s begin. Who would like to be the guinea pig?

1) What’s more important – taking photograph of the moment or enjoying the moment?

2)  Did internet make your world go small or large?

3) Who plays the vital role in a successful marriage – the husband or the wife?

4) Is tourism a bigger employment generator or a bigger nature destroyer?

5) Which of the two is more important in any organization – youth or experience?

6) Please settle the debate for us – iOS or Android?

7) Toastmasters meeting – the online way or the offline way.

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Thank you so much TM Olivia for this absolutely wonderful idea.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts and introductions that can serve as an inspiration to anyone in need. If you have an idea for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here or just email us at

For more ideas to host a fun Table Topic Session, look here.


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