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A General Evaluator Script with a great analogy

TM Emma from New York has a beautiful analogy to explain the role of a General Evaluator in Toastmasters. She compares the role to periodic health checkups to convince the audience the importance of the role. Read her submission below.

Role of General Evaluator
Role of General Evaluator

Have you booked your next health checkup appointment? Well I have and you should too. Periodic health checkup lets you know if vitals of your body are performing okay and take a proactive action on areas that are not okay.

In Toastmasters, we understand the importance of such measures. That is why we do a checkup in every meeting through evaluations. Just like your doctor, every meeting has a General Evaluator who checks the vitals of the meet – speakers, role players and the conduct in general. As the GE today, it will be my endeavor to let you know what’s okay and what’s not okay.

Helping me in my task is a team of supplementary evaluators called as the TAG team. Let me introduce this team to you now.  

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Thank you so much TM Emma for this submission.

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