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Easy Table Topics for a new club

Table Topics are fun and yet the most feared session in a Toastmasters meeting. In a new club with new members, this can especially be intimidating. Here is a submission by TM William from New York especially for this purpose – to put new members in a new club at ease. Have a look.

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Table Topics can be intimidating. Frankly speaking, am scared of Table Topics too. That’s the main reason why I took the role of Table Topic Master for today’s meeting. This ensures that I am on this side of the table dishing out the topics rather than on the other side doing them. However, let me put your troubles at ease. I understand your fear and therefore have designed some very easy topics for today on which any of you can speak for 2 minutes.

Let’s begin. Who would like to volunteer first?

1) Describe your friends.

2) What was your childhood like?

3) 3 things you would like to achieve during the rest of your life.

4) If you found Aladdin’s magical lamp, what would your three wishes be?

5) People who inspire you and why.

6) If you made a bucket list, what would be in it?

7) Tell us about your dream holiday destination.

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Thank you so much TM William for the wonderful topics.

We here at are creating a pool of scripts and introductions that can serve as an inspiration to anyone in need. If you have an idea for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here or just email us at

For more ideas to host a fun Table Topic Session, look here.


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