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A naughty Ah Counter script

Yes, Toastmasters prohibits sexual references during meetings. But it takes a wise person to find a way around such restrictions. Here is a script for the role of Ah Counter by TM Matthew from New York where he dangerously dangles over the golden rules. See if you can do the same as well.

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Role of Ah Counter
Role of Ah Counter

There are some places where uttering “ahs” and “ums” is expected. In fact, it’s more than expected, it’s appreciated. Sadly, a pubic stage is not that place. On a stage, using these words may either leave your audience confused, or worse, remind them of the place where it is expected. As a speaker, it is therefore best that we avoid uttering them while on stage.

As the Ah counter today, I will help you in achieving this. My role is to keep a track of all filler words such as ah, um, you know, basically etc. that speakers use during their speech. I will present my findings when called upon by the General Evaluator in the third session. 

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Thank you so much TM Matthew for this naughty (winks) submission.

We here at mymeetingroles.com are creating a pool of wonderful scripts for Toastmasters roles that can work as an inspiration when needed. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

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