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An Ah Counter script because nobody can multi task

Here is a wonderful script for the role of Ah Counter submitted by TM Nisha from Mumbai. She argues how multi tasking can be a challenge and therefore the need of an Ah Counter. Have a look.

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Role of Ah Counter
Role of Ah Counter

Imagine you were tasked with counting every step you took while doing a 100 meter sprint. Wouldn’t your attention divide and performance suffer? Well, counting your fillers words while speaking your thoughts can be even more challenging.  Your brain can either form those thoughts or count your words but not both.

That is why every Toastmasters meeting has an Ah counter. As the Ah counter today, I will keep a track of all filler words such as ah, um, you know, basically etc. that speakers use during their speech. I will present my findings when called upon by the General Evaluator in the third session. 

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Thank you so much TM Nisha for this wonderful submission.

We here at mymeetingroles.com are creating a pool of wonderful scripts for Toastmasters roles that can work as an inspiration when needed. If you have a script for any role in Toastmasters, do let us know here.

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