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A Special Table Topic Session on theme of Diwali

Hosting a special festival themed meeting is practice in most clubs. And Diwali is the one Indian festival that definitely calls for a special themed meeting. Here is a submission by TM Shweta from Mumbai where she shares some amazing Table Toics on this theme. Have a look.

Table Topic Session
Table Topic Session

Diwali is the granddaddy of all Indian celebrations. It’s the one time when everything is at its peak – celebrations, gaiety and of course generosity. And the way we are all decked up for this meet today is a testimony to this. So on this special occasion, I have some special topics on the theme of Diwali. Let’s begin.

1) Diwali is a beautiful farrago of lights, crackers, delicacies and of course wealth. What do you like the most?

2) Story of a cracker bursting gone wrong

3) Some believe all the cracker bursting causes pollution while others argue it’s a once in a year event. Which camp are you in?

4) I think every Diwali makes me a couple of kilos richer. What about you?

5) What does an ideal Diwali celebration mean to you?

6)  Diwali is the one time when everyone heads home. If you had to be anywhere else on Diwali, where would you like to be?

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Thank you so much TM Shweta for the wonderful topics.

We here at are making a huge database of amazing Toastmasters scripts and introductions. If you have one, do let us know here.

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